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Ironman Canada Race Report « Mary Beth Ellis' Blog


Ironman Canada Race Report

Whew! Three Ironmans in eight weeks and three wins finally got me a ticket to Kona! I cant believe it – i keep pinching myself and it hurts so it must be real. I love racing in Canada. I had my first win there in 2006 just up the road in Kelowna. My how much has changed! Back then as a first year pro, I was racing ITU and couldn’t have envisioned winning the ironman there.

The day started a bit slowly. I was sluggish off the line and spent the swim getting pummeled by the pro men. Good practice for Kona! . It was a wetsuit swim so I was a bit disheartened with my time but at least there is plenty of racing after the swim in Ironman. For the first time, I had no cramping or issues early on the bike, i just tried to stay with Meredith Kessler as she set a fast pace out the first 60k. Aided by a tailwind, i think we sat on 40k an hour. When we got to the first climb, i felt good and decided to push a bit harder. I rode the rest of the way alone and with the headwind coming home, i was very ready to get off the bike. I was equally excited about my bike time. In contrast to Austria, this split reflected a true solo hard TT effort and gives me some much needed confidence for Kona. Also despite hard hot conditions, I had no stomach issues, please check out my full race nutrition report here: . At the start of the run, I was tired the wind and bike sapped me more than in previous races. Also the heat was starting to get oppressive around 95 degrees F. On the run, I drank as much as I could and grabbed as much ice as possible. And still I felt like I was melting. The last 8 miles were tough more from the fatigue and heat than any bonking. Luckily, Eric biked out on the course so I had some moral support out there. And the age groupers and crowds especially in town were amazing. Breaking the record was an unexpected bonus to the day. I wasn’t going for it, I just wanted to finish and get out of the heat ASAP. Overall, I am so pleased and now also a bit sore. Luckily, Eric took it easy on my during our run and swim Monday.

With my spot in Kona finally secure, I am excited to start preparing and have a good race there. Thanks so much to Doc, all the team TBB members, Alex, our amazing team TBB sponsors, First Endurance, and of course Eric, my family, and friends.

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