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Respect for WTC

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

I know that I am late to the party on all the Lance discussions.  I think that WTC has made the appropriate decision in this case.  While I understand how much all the professionals athletes, age group athletes, media, spectators, sponsors, WTC, and everyone in the triathlon world would love to watch Lance race and have all enjoyed the buzz around his entrance into our sport.  Lance is a superstar with a limelight unlike anyone else in our realm; he has a one word name if that sums it up in a word.  Likewise, if he is innocent, then it is also very unfair to force him to sit on the bench.  But in light of the facts, I think WTC has made the best possible move for our sport.

Through this process, my respect for WTC has increased immensely.  It would be so easy for them to please all the athletes, sponsors, fans, media, by bending their rules and allowing Lance to race.  Instead, they have decided to stand by their professional athlete agreement that all the WTC professionals have signed.  They have upheld their core value that a clean sport is a top priority over making more profits in the short-term.  I think this is an excellent decision for WTC as well as for the long-term health of our sport.  On the flip side, I hope that we can all put our trust in USADA that they have solid evidence, have the best interest of sport as their sole motivation, and will deliver a just and swift investigation and trial so that Lance or any other athlete will be treated fairly.

In addition, my trust in WTC has only increased over the past twelve months.  Last year, I asked for a wild card to Kona after my two Ironman victories in Austria and Regensburg.  While I knew it was a long shot I figured I would ask as I had some extenuating circumstance.  WTC said no, and I was forced to race IM Canada.  While I was disapointed, my respect for them grew as they decided to stand by their policies.  While I was the one that had to suffer, I appreciate any organization that stands by its policies and does what it thinks is right despite pressure from the outside or potential loss in profits.

Keep up the great work WTC!

You know you’re tired when…..

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

You know you’re tired when…

1. You try to bring a pillow on your ride to put your head down on your aero-bars.  Or at least fantasize about bringing one.

2. You need a half hour for the mile walk to the pool in the morning.

3. Your eye twitches all day long.  It just wants to close.

4. At every stop light you imagine laying down on the side of the street.

5. It is 7pm and you’re already thinking about going to bed.

6. Even that magic elixir coffee has no effect on you.

7. You just want to cry for no reason.

8. You take the old elevator even though it takes twice as long as just walking up the two flights of stairs.

9. You are too tired to think of something to make for dinner.

10. You think you’re shifter is broken but it is just that you’re pushing on the wrong one.

11. A villager on a hybrid with a baggie t-shirt and cargo pants drops you on the way out of town.

12. You don’t remember writing this blog.

Cow Bells

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Running through the Swiss Alps this afternoon, I heard the wonderful song of cowbells in the air.  It is that time of year when the hills are alive with the sound of cow bells.  In the US, we like to keep out cows silent.  I think the Swiss cows are happier with the beautiful Alpen vistas and the song of their bells constantly reminding them that they are still alive grazing on wonderful swiss grass instead of being force-fed grain in huge feedlots like their US cousins.

Ring on Swiss cows and keep making all that great Swiss cheese and milk to fatten me up like a cow going to slaughter in Kona this fall!

No Time to Dwell in 2012!

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

It has been a whirlwind year so far! I haven’t stopped to do anything much less smell the roses. From the team standpoint, I am so glad to be back training and racing on the team this year. We had an amazing camp in Australia and now I am back at our summer base in Leysin. From a racing standpoint, I have had two wins at 70.3 Singapore and IM Texas, two 2nds at 70.3 St. Croix and 70.3 Mooseman, and a forgettable result at 5150 St. Anthony’s. I won’t go over the details of each race but will just give a funny little story from each below.

1.) 70.3 Singapore was the passport adventure race. I spent the entire days leading up to the race racing to and from the Embassy to get more passport pages. Luckily it took my mind off the race and I won!

2.) St. Anthony’s lets just say this was the train through race. It was a test for me as Doc for the first time had me training up until the morning of the race. I still had a solid day but not enough to compete with the speed of the ITU girls. I was stuck in 2nd gear while they were in 5th.

3.) St. Croix was the wet and wild day. It was pouring and we rode through puddles literally over my bottom bracket. I loved it! The course is amazing and I can’t wait to go back. I would have liked to have raced better and won but maybe next time. St. Croix and Wildflower are now tied as my favorite two races.

4.) IM Texas was a tough day at the office. I find that Ironmans are always tough. There is always a part during the race when the shit hits the fan and you just have to get through it. This race I struggled alot on the 2nd half of the run with heat and cramping and just wanting to lay down on the side of the course. But luckily I held on for the win.

5.) Mooseman 70.3 was good fun with Eric Ols. We went to this race as a last trip before I was to leave for Switzerland. While racing 2 weeks post Ironman isn’t advisable, it ended up being fine and I felt good just a bit flat. Like St. Croix and Wildflower, this course in the white mountains of New Hampshire was amazing. Just the kind of course I love: tough hills, fun descents, and little chance to get bored.

Now, I am back in camp in Leysin. It is time to get back to work after some fun racing and lots of great times at home with my two favorite men Eric and Mr. Fur. It is tough to be away from home but I know that now it when I need to put in the work for the rest of the season. It is only two months until Ironman NYC and four months until Kona. Time to put my nose to the grindstone and hurt now so that I can hurt less later.

Eric and I post-race at 70.3 Mooseman Eric and I post-race at 70.3 Mooseman

Train on and if you’re not hurting then go harder!