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Getting fit again

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

The last 8 weeks have been a bit of a challenge for me. It turned out the problem with my knee cap was a ganglion and not really the knee cap itself. Still, I had to give it a bit of time to heal and that means I spent the last weeks swimming like a maniac. But sometimes a break like this is also a chance to get rid of some other little aches and pain who build up over years of hard training. I am definitely fresher then ever before. Not only in my legs but also in my head. The motivation for a great 2012 season couldnt be any bigger. I have a great new team with amazing athletes in it, I have a great coach who will def lift me up to another level again and I have amazing sponsors making it all possible. So now it is just about doing the hard work and then to deliver at the races.

In the past 10 years I spent every european winter down under. The sunshine coast became a bit of a second home to me. This year I will change my preperation a bit and I wont go to Australia. I think a bit of a change wont hurt me. Sometimes we get too used to something and the body adapts. I think it will give me a new stimulus if I do it a bit different this year. I found a great place for training in the very south of the spanish mainland. About 200km south of Alicante in the region of Andalucia. It really is back to the basics here. Nothing flashy, just the basic needs to get the hard work done. Some of the best cycling teams like Rabobank and Garmin have their winter base in this region. It is super cheap to rent and the weather is amazing. It is 17-20°C in the middle of winter (the nights get a bit chilly). This region has an average of 14 days of rain per year. So, maybe it is not super hot, but the daily sunshine is guaranteed.

I use this stage here to build my fitness up again. After a short visit at home I will then be off to the Gran Canaria where I will join my team mates Stephen,Bella and Dan. I better make sure I have my legs back till then, or Stephen will drop me in every climb…