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sweet home

I am back home from camp since a few days. And Switzerland shows itself from the best side. The month of march was 4-5°C warmer then the historical average. Global warming has its good sides (just joking;)). Temperatures went up to 20°C and it helped me to keep up the hard work from the Gran Canaria camp. Main thing coming back home is changing to another routine and getting used to it again. For me this means getting up at 5.45am, and start my swi

m training at 6.15am. Which means it is still dark and down to 2°C. Makes it a little bit harder then doing the same thing in countries where the sun rises early and temperatures are high already. But I am not complaining. I really have a great set up here in my hometown Willisau. The people look after me.  Nicole and I have our own lane in the pool every morning for two hours and we also have the key for the pool, so on the weekends we can swim there outside of the public hours. Then I have set up my own little training room which has a computrainer and a top (25km/h , 25% incline) treadmill in it. I spend lots of hours in there, that is for sure. It is my “hurt box”.

In general this is a very good area for training. As I am only 10km away from the alps, which means big mountain passes are just around the corner. But I can choose if I want to ride flat, rolling hills, 2-6k climbs or 10km+ climbs. Beside of the local 25m pool we have a nice like just 8km away.

The area here is also very well known for its endless Mountainbike Trails. Which means there is lots of trails to run on as well. Flat along the little river or up to the region called “Napfgebirge”. Named after the local mountain.

Yes, I will enjoy my time home before I am off to another short camp in Spain and then off to the US in may.

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