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After Ironman is before Ironman « Mathias Hecht's Blog


After Ironman is before Ironman

It has been 3 weeks since my race in Texas. The way I raced it defenetely took a bit of energy out of my body. but I recovered well and after 9 days I was back into full training. I joined the Team up in Leysin for a few days and enjoyed it a lot. At that time it was just part of the team really. Next time it will be full on. I look forward to get pushed by some of the best athletes in the world. Mostly to improve my running.

Last weekend I raced in Zarautz, spain. it is a race I go to since 3 years. It is my favourite race. mostly for its course and for its people. it is in the basque country. for those one who watch the Tour de France know how those “orange” spectators love the sport. So there were thousands of people along the road. Def helped to push up the so called “wall of Aria” , a 2.5km climb between 17 – 21% incline.

All this is part of my Ironman Switzerland preperation. A good training day under race conditions. in 5 weeks I have to be ready to take on another attempt at winning my home race. ok, no pressure here. but it is about time and I will run my heart out to make it happen. at the end I can only give my best. lets hope it will be good enough. but first a few more weeks of hard training. time to join the team up in Leysin again and toughen up a bit more.

looking forward to meet a few athletes I havent met before. just heard about.

keep training hard


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