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Tough day at the office

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Well, where do I start. I have to say, I felt very confident going into this race. Training was going well and since I restarted my training after my injury in winter I didnt have one little problem. At Ironman Texas in May I knew my run shape is still nowhere. And for sure I knew before Ironman Switzerland that my run is not yet where it is supposed to be. But I still believed in my abilities in battling it out in a “TRI-athlon” …  if you race Ronnie Schildknecht you know it is not just about a running race. it is full on from the start. hard swim (trying to get away from him ;) ),  bike and run. the way I love to race.

But my body was just not ready to race at a world class level. I was struggling all day. It was not the weather, as I was never cold and also I had no muscle problems. It was just my energy that was not there on day X.

Yes, there were a few mechanical problems. My bike slipped out of my hands while running out of transition, I lost a bottle, went back to get it. Then I jumped on my bike only to get off again a few seconds later as my chain was off. Great start into a cracy day. Around 150km I started to loose air in my front tire. I kept riding as it was still fine for a while… but the last 20km I did on a complete flat tire. Not much fun to go up a steep 1.5km climb and even worse to go downhill in wet conditions. I lost my CO2 somewhere during the race. So I had no other option then keep riding on my carbon rim…

But after all, I think I still would have finished 3rd. maybe I could have been more in a battle for second. But Jan had a great first Ironman race. my respect to him. Also congrats to (now) 6time winner Ronnie. This was another world class performance. I hope he is racing in Frankfurt or somewhere else in the next years or he will be Cameron Brown of Switzerland (Cam has 10 wins at IM NZL) ;) ).

Also it was great to see “the animal” Scotty flying over the run course and finally run the way he can run. A 2h43min marathon on a course that is not easy at all (lots of U-turns, underpaths, park running etc) and even more important,  a run course that is actually measured out to a 42.1km. The swiss love perfection so they know how to measure out a course.

Last but not least, congratulations to Bella Bayliss for a great 2nd place and a very big thank you to “Dan the man”. He paced me in the swim and on the first kilometers on the bike. I give him great credit for that. Thanks a lot buddy!!!! and best of luck for your Ironman race next weekend!! rock it !!

“A winner never stops trying” Tom Landry

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Once more it is time for Ironman Switzerland. My home race. I have raced it 5 times in the past. I finished 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and I had two DNF ‘s (2008: hypothermia 2010: injury). So I can say I had my ups and downs in that race. Maybe a bit of a hate – love relationship. But I am still as motivated to win this race as I have been in the past years. This year things look better then in other years. I have been injury free for over half a year now and I was able to get some very solid training in. At home and with my team mates in Leysin. I really enjoy being around coach Brett Sutton and the crew. It really feels like being in a team and I think we all push each other to reach a higher level. The results Team TBB had this year just speak for themselves. We def are the most successful team in the sport of triathlon and there is so much more to come. So this is also a big motivation for my own racing. It will be great to have “the animal” , “Dan the man” and also Bella Bayliss racing in Zürich as well. It will be a great show up of our team. And it always helps to see familiar faces out there on the course.

Ironman Switzerland also means very unpredictable weather. In 2008 this resulted in a DNF for me because of hypothermia. But as bad it feels at that moment, you learn from such moments and you are more prepared next time. This weekend looks like a wet and cold race again. So for the ones racing this weekend in Zürich, be prepared. Take the extra time in the transition after the swim. you wont regret it. you have to remember, there is quite a long and very fast downhill each lap (on the way down to Küsnacht). This makes a big difference to a race where you would ride all flat. in this long downhill you want have a chance to pedal and keep warm. it will be cold and windy going down there. the body temperature will drop quickly. so make sure you think about your clothes before it is too late. make a smart decision and it will make your ride def more “enjoyable”.

see you out there