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Tough day at the office « Mathias Hecht's Blog


Tough day at the office

Well, where do I start. I have to say, I felt very confident going into this race. Training was going well and since I restarted my training after my injury in winter I didnt have one little problem. At Ironman Texas in May I knew my run shape is still nowhere. And for sure I knew before Ironman Switzerland that my run is not yet where it is supposed to be. But I still believed in my abilities in battling it out in a “TRI-athlon” …  if you race Ronnie Schildknecht you know it is not just about a running race. it is full on from the start. hard swim (trying to get away from him ;) ),  bike and run. the way I love to race.

But my body was just not ready to race at a world class level. I was struggling all day. It was not the weather, as I was never cold and also I had no muscle problems. It was just my energy that was not there on day X.

Yes, there were a few mechanical problems. My bike slipped out of my hands while running out of transition, I lost a bottle, went back to get it. Then I jumped on my bike only to get off again a few seconds later as my chain was off. Great start into a cracy day. Around 150km I started to loose air in my front tire. I kept riding as it was still fine for a while… but the last 20km I did on a complete flat tire. Not much fun to go up a steep 1.5km climb and even worse to go downhill in wet conditions. I lost my CO2 somewhere during the race. So I had no other option then keep riding on my carbon rim…

But after all, I think I still would have finished 3rd. maybe I could have been more in a battle for second. But Jan had a great first Ironman race. my respect to him. Also congrats to (now) 6time winner Ronnie. This was another world class performance. I hope he is racing in Frankfurt or somewhere else in the next years or he will be Cameron Brown of Switzerland (Cam has 10 wins at IM NZL) ;) ).

Also it was great to see “the animal” Scotty flying over the run course and finally run the way he can run. A 2h43min marathon on a course that is not easy at all (lots of U-turns, underpaths, park running etc) and even more important,  a run course that is actually measured out to a 42.1km. The swiss love perfection so they know how to measure out a course.

Last but not least, congratulations to Bella Bayliss for a great 2nd place and a very big thank you to “Dan the man”. He paced me in the swim and on the first kilometers on the bike. I give him great credit for that. Thanks a lot buddy!!!! and best of luck for your Ironman race next weekend!! rock it !!

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