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long term thinking

Ironman Switzerland is 3 weeks back now. it has been a disappointing race for me. Reflections are good, but too much thinking is not gonna help much. It was not my first bad day at the office. And at the end I still finished on the podium. So it was “failing” at a high level. No point to try to find reasons for it. there could be hundreds of them.

So, best thing to do is keep moving forward. get back into training, get the routine back, work hard day in day out. I know what I have to work on. I can swim and bike with the best in the world. but my run is just not competitive enough (yet) to get into the top 5 in Kona. We have a long term plan and I have to be patient with myself. Sometimes you take a few steps back before you take a big one forward. But I am a big believer in hard work and I know anything is possible.

So tomorrow I fly to New York City to race in the Ironman US Championship a week later (August 11). It will only be 4 weeks after IM Switzerland. But this wont be about the result, this will be about getting a good long training day in and just see what happens. Expectations are not there for once. I just go , do it, and come back home. Not breaking my routine too much. It is not even about the points now. It is about the process to be able to run a fast marathon of a super strong bike one day.

after 11 X Ironman top3 it is time for the next step. maybe not this year or next year, but sooner or later … it will happen.

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