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training on the big island

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

I have been on the big island since 4 weeks now. I came here straight after my Leadman Tri race in Bend,Oregon. no, not for racing IM Hawaii for once. but I have my second family living here up in Holualoa and after a few years I have my own little “household” here. A great little set up with everything I need for a great training camp. if I want, I can train up here all day and not see any other triathletes. so, even in the “cracy 7-8days” when the Ironman is in town, I have my peace up here in the rainforest. it is an amazing place. even if I have to ride up a 7km steep mountain more or less every day to get back home from my rides. lots of people dont know how much serious climbing there is on this island. well, it makes sense, as there is some of the biggest mountains on the planet right in front of my doorstep. you can start your ride at sea level and go all the way up to Mauna Kea (around 4000meters ) for example. a cracy ride. epic really it is. Or going up Kaloko Rd. actually just 1k away from the house here. if you start at the pier you climb more then going up Mont Ventoux in France. but in much less kilometers. which means only one thing : STEEP. dont even think about riding it with an 11-25 cassette … even Lance went up there with a 27…and we know he has an extra motor in there.

I have been smashing myself day after day here. got some serious training done. I actually did not even watch the bike leg during this years IM race here. I was out training. I went down to town during race week 2-3 times for my personal sponsors and for the Team TBB sponsors. If you race you normally dont get the time to do all this things properly. you have to focus on the race and dont want to be out in the heat too much. so it was a great opportunity to give something back to those people who look after me all year . As I think a pro triathlete’s job is not just to race. it is much more then that. being close to the people who actually make it possible that we can be pro athletes. and that is the age group athletes. without them sponsorship would just not happen. it was amazing to see all this people out there on their Cervelo bikes. nr.1 at the Kona bike counting for so many years now. that really speaks for itself.

I have some amazing suppport on this island. there is my second family I cant thank enough, I feel so much at home here, but also a few other people I want to thank. like Dawn, my massage therapist here, Chris Morrison , a great friend, Bree and the whole Mauna Lani Bay crew. also my sister and Steve and my girlfriend Nicole. coming over here during this time, far from home. I really have a super professional environment around me here.

I hope my hamstrings (problems I had after/during IM New york) will be ok to race at Ironman Arizona on November 18. my last big goal of this season.