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Life is not about how hard you can hit, but how much you can get hit & still keep moving forward. -Rocky Balboa

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

The start of my 2013 season has been a tough one. Still dealing with some hamstring issues from last year it was not easy to get all the hard work done in winter. it is frustrating when you cant do sessions the way you want them to do. you get to a point where you would prefer to just have  a “normal” injury like an inflammation or a twisted ankle . as at least you know after a few weeks you are back to good. but dealing with something you dont really know where it is coming from, is a much harder case. as you have to try lots of different things out. try and error, try and error , try and error …

in times like that it is even more important to have the support of your sponsors. it is always easy when you are going good and you win races. but when you go bad, you find out quickly who really stands behind you. so I cant thank Brett,Alex and Team TBB enough. and a special thanks to Cervelo as well. they have been super good with me and try to help on all ends (thanks Lesley!!!). this are the people who know I will come back strong and they know sometimes it is not just about the results. I got hit a few times, and I just keep standing up again and again. Moving forward is the only way. You will see me back on the podium soon again.