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not only swim,bike,run,eat,sleep for once … but a new website www.mathiashecht.org

Friday, July 19th, 2013

I have never been very good with being lazy, so if I dont train, I like to do other things and keep myself busy.  Due to my hamstring injury I have a bit more of this “spare” time at moment. But with all the swims, bike , short runs, and lots of rehab training, the day still seems not to have enough hours to get everything else done. A big thanks to Paul Jewkes from St.George tourism office for building up my new website. one of the more important things on the “list to do”  when time…

I havent planed any more races at moment. I have to see how I go over next few weeks. I hope to be back till october the latest. I wont try to get the points for this years Hawaii World Champs anymore. I made that mistake in the past, and it is just not worth it if you cant show up at 100% in Kona. waste of time and money. it hurted me a bit when I had to say no to Ironman Switzerland. as everybody knows I still have that win there on the top of my bucket list.

so I try to keep patient and not rush things like in the past. always a lesson to learn.