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Philipino Halfer

Heres what happend in exact order:

Train hard/buy planetiket/put bike in box/supper at the Mariot/fly to Singapore/sleep in Singapore airport/homemade b-fast/fly to Philipines/misplace Holly/3hour drive to race hotel/little swim and run/romantic supper with Maxie/reunion with Holly/sleep/b-fast/race warmup/race start/swim fast/jump on bike/ride through crowded towns/ passed by a weekend warrior/start run/ run down big hill/sweat/chove ice near my crotch/drink water/windy bridge/turn around/more ice to my crotch/windy bridge/up hill/ sweat/ more water/finish line in second place/some pocket money/ wild party/ sing on stage without my t-shirts/some fruit loops/sleep/drive to Manila and see the famous “trilla in Manila” venue/philipino supper with Eric,john,Sally and others/sleep/drive to airport/jump on plane/land in Singapore/find free internet while thinking of my soon to be typed blog/done.

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