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THE Laguna Tri. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


THE Laguna Tri.

I dove in the water of this event to make a point about the speedsuits utilized by the other pros, that it doesn’t make much of a difference, and that difference will be reduced in transition. Well the nearest athlete with a “speedsuit” was more than 50 seconds behind me out of the water, once on the bike, I skulled down some cold liquid and put my offence on the hills and deffence on the downhills plan to work.

I kept anticipating that I would be reelled by my pursuers but to my suprise they only made conact on the second to last hill. Once on the rolling and twisting terrain, I pushed on my pedals in vain where after 25km I lost site of them.

Then someone past me very very quickly.

Then 2 fellas ridding together flew by and I jumped out of the sattle and remained in their proximity until the end of the bike.

Once on foot, I decied to progress into the 12km, about one third of the way I had nobody in site and realised that I was out of the cash so I quietly cruised it home.

The night of the race I decided to go hunt for a genie in a bottle in the sand at the beach, you know the one like in that movie Aladin? The first of my 3 wishes would be to have a second shot at this race, the second wish would be to see how the world would be without any religions and the final wish would be to have 12 inch *****.

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