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Loss of my Ironman Virginity. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Loss of my Ironman Virginity.

Who would have guessed that I would race an Ironman before an Olympic distance? Not me.

I like to get to the front of the swim, and stay there, its where I feel the most at ease. After a short course style transition, I put my gears in the little one at the back, and the big one at the front.

But I was soon taken over by a retro and hairy blur on 2 wheels.

I keep my gears the same, big one at the front and little one at the back with both hands on my aerobars over the majority of the terrain, past halfway into the cycle, the0 guy who I had been sharing a room with for the past few nights flew by and it was on, we where also joined by a crafty wannabe German, I mean, Austrian, but after an hour, they deciced to up the pace, where I was left on my own.

Once onto the run, I was in 3rd, I got passed and passed. Drank more coke in 3 hours than I have in the past 3 years, did whatever Beli G screamed at me, gave some love taps for Hillary B and I was an Ironman!


So, seriously, I would like to acknowlege a few people here:

My coach: for giving me belief in myself and guiding me in the proper path.

Alex: for his energy, generosity and positive outlook on everythink!!!

The Mcdonalds: for making sure I got my Malaysia allright since my passport expires very soon!

Luke D: For ansering all my questions and helping with composure before the race.

Reto and Nicola: for laughing at EVERYTHING that I do or say!

Chrissy: For being Chrissy!

French toast and maple sirup.

Hillary: For telling me that I look good.

Belinda: For making sure I got the quickest race morning registration EVER!

Others: I cant name everybody of course, the ones who also had a singnificant impact on my development since I have been in this entourage, know who they be!

Sincerly me,


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