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Since Langkawi. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Since Langkawi.

Its been 4 weeks to the day of my Ironman birth, and it feels like I have done 4 months of training since…

No down time, already starting the cycle for IMChina 16 hours after crossing the finish line. My 22 year old body surprisingly recovered pronto and the doc immediatley had me going head to head with Rei and Reto on their souper douper fast session on land and in the water.

Even though we messured our swimming pool here, we are all still boggled by the rapidity of our swim times, nope, its not our watches or the paceclock. Simply a group of like-minded individuals “gettin`her done” in stunning climate conditions.

Yes, the climate has been very welcomed here, wind, heat and SUN! We have had a few mid-day track sessions under a crisp blue sky, going round and round, pounding and bouncing, breathing in and breathing out like we had no place or time, no worries or commiments, simply living in the moment towards our next step or repetition.

AHHH what a life eh? So very glad I am not a slave of the system, 9-5 monday to friday would make me go craaaaazy!!! Hehehehe.

Anyway, 4 more weeks until I toe the line in the poeples rebuplic of China for another fitnest and desire examination.

Keep it clean.

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