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A communist Endeavor. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


A communist Endeavor.

I had my typical swim, jumped onto my 2008 Cervelo P3 with HED. 60 wheels and immediately got into my pedal stroke. Once Tim “the Hawaiian” Marr rode by me, I decided to pace off him, that decision cause some chronic so called “aussie liquid laughs” while sculling down water or electrolyte or any solid calories. To my amazement, it would only be at the 130km mark of the cycle portion of the race that the eventual race winner Olaf “super low cadence’ Shabatus would ride up to us.

Then, systematicaly, all the numbers increased, of which caused me to lose touch, and ride into T2 in 4th position, over 6 minutes down the lead.

I started the run slow and steady, climbed in 3rd place halfway through the run.

My legs seriously started to tighten up by 23km, genuinely hindering my range of motion, making me feel like my legs where 10 inches long!!!

I jogged and speed walked to the finish line.

I need to get some ‘Chris McDonald toughness” in a bottle and have it for breakfast, as my abilities to push my body when stressed and strained beyond anything I have ever felt, is well, questionable…

I sincerely believed for the majority of that race, that a podium finish was within grasp, it was, it is, and it will be!

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