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The right person at the right place and the right time. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


The right person at the right place and the right time.

It started on a ferry, about 2km from shore, the waves where steady and the sun was stretching prior to a long days work over the horizon.

The water was extra salty in reason of the media boats roaming around. I maintained the integrity of my stroke from A to Z until I got inside the bay, where the though of being only about 400m from my lean and healthy Cervelo P3 compelled me to increase my tempo.

Once rolling on land, I found the biggest gear I could turn over and keep my sight on light at the end of the tunnel. The early roads where undulating and twisty, the way I love them the most! Once on the main road, the earth, the wind and the sun where working as one obstacle.

The monotony of the road caused me to blink uncontrollably.

I visited, the bridges, the hills, the sharp turns in no particular order….I left them as fast as I meet them.

The though of only being only a few kilometers from my running shoes, enticed me to used the biggest gears I have.

Once on foot, I progressed through the early kilometers with a short and choppy stride and fuelled by couple gels each aid station. 1/3 into the end, I began to “feel” my rhythm

peaking through, I grabbed it with both hands a got my hairy ass to the finish line as fast as I could!

This race gave me more than financial security for the next 6 months. It strengthen my belief of my running abilities in the heat, something money can’t buy.

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