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Clark Pool Sprint. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Clark Pool Sprint.

I started with pushing my big gear from O-town out to

Clark on Saturday.

Got to my destination and was attacked by warm Pilipino hospitality, some chitchatting, some rice loading and more rice loading, some more chitchatting and then bed time!

Wake up!

Mini Stop breakfast!

Ready start go!

This was arguably the most difficult swim I have done, it was a pool swim, in a very nice 50m pool.

Like gentlemen, we let the Philinas start first!

So swim 50m,Tumble turn under the lane rope.Repeat. 8 times!Get out of the pool.Run a lap of the pool!Then dive back in.Repeat.800m total!

Simple eh!!NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stayed polite on the second time around, when passing the other athletes, dodging breastroke kicks, swimming under people and doing some very long streamlines!!

Onto the bike, the rain was right on time; the course was like a retarded rectangle, 3km downhill, 3 km flat, 3km uphill, and 1km flat. Repeat twice!

The race was actually draft legal for everybody but me!

T2 come in and out, run downhill all the way to the turn around. Long and losse strideThen back uphill. Shorter tighter stride!

A few high fives and I was first to get some Gatorade at the finish line!

Even though this race had very little importance in the bigger picture, I value this run off the bike, I have had very few of these this year, well in all these years. But today was a good one and I enjoyed every step of it!This may sound cliché, but from the first 10meters I ran, I knew today was going to be a good run! Food/ awards/ more food/ goodbyes and big gear back to O-Town!

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