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The Desaru Double. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


The Desaru Double.

On day 1, it was the long race, where it all started with a very very wavy swim, I lead for about 400m, but then I went of course for a bit and PJ was like “WTF mate? I leado from heeer”

So I lost a little ground, well, “water space” to the leader as I struggled in the massive waves on both loops. I was glad to get out of that angry ocean and stumble around the deep sand on my way to transition.

Got on my bike and first priority was to get into “my pace”.

It was already very hot and looking like it will be hotter once we hit the run.

I enjoyed the feeling of flying by other athletes that I was lapping!

Yea I was lapping age groupers, big deal, but I rarely pass people on the bike so I enjoy every single moment of it.

Got off my bike in 3 rd place, in no mans land, hustled out of T2.

From then, I basically ran intervals from aid station to aid station where I improvised to cool my body down.

Near the end of my run the clouds opened up and gave me a fresh shower.

Crossed the line in 3rd place, in content with my efforts under circumstance.

On day 2, it was sprint day.

It Once again started with a beach run in the sand and into the waves.

Swam on PJs feet, 400m later I accidentally and momentarily got into a doggy style position with PJ while ridding a wave onto shore. Sorry mate…

Once on the draft legal bike, I was surprised to see this Asian fella pull through on me. This fella was keened to make our 1 minute gap grow into a 5 mintute gap on the 15km bike section.

Once on the run, I had a short gap out of transition, but that did not last very long, at the turn around, PJ found his legs and pulled away, leaving me and our Asian accomplice to duke it out for 2nd and 3rd,so in the final 400m, I put in a serious attack and caught up just a little to PJ, but it was too late.

All in all, lucrative weekend at a very beautiful beach named Desaru.


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