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Cracked but NOT broken. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Cracked but NOT broken.


Its been 9 days now since my surgery and I feel much better than my realisim would have let me believe. I have about 60% pain free mobility back and I have to resist the urge to start training again.

Often, since my crash, I was preached the same clichee quote that “what doesnt break you only makes you stronger” I have to wait for a while to see if this is true, but I assure you all, that my desires to move forward quickly, in water, on wheels or on foot, have been widding up slowly and surely.

For now, I wait patiently and calmly until some new and old alies trickle back into Subic Bay over the following month to prepare for the 2009.

I’m also the proud owner of an intimitating scar!

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