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Baby Steps. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Baby Steps.


After 33 days without swimming I got to feel the water a few times this past week.

I got humbled by the local Pilipino squad here on my first session but those days are numbered, believe it.

Some pain free moving around in the water and I enjoy every moment of it. At present I can kick faster than I swim, and I really like just “playing” in the water!

I believe that I am a good swimming because I love swimming, the refreshing feel of floating and slicing through one of earths elements, powering off the walls and my ever favorite, lapping other athletes!

I have vivid nostalgia of my childhood summer days when me and my buddies would race our bikes to the local lake, sprint into the water and swim a far as possible, in our “CHICKEN” competition, which was basically last one to turn back, gets free ice cream!

The lifeguards add a particular loathe for this game of ours because we displayed a bad example to the other kids by swimming outside the designated perimeter!

My friend Marc-Andre was my biggest rival, some of our battles would go on for over an hour at times, with the clear knowledge that every stroke out will be another stroke back in….

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