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Up and Onwards! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Up and Onwards!

Its been exactly 8 weeks since my surgery.

And I can assertively type that my fitness is almost back to what it was before the crash. I still cant swimming around with my big black paddles, put that will come soon enuff. I also havent tried to dive in the pool just yet, just because, just because.

But I still do ride with the same bike jersey I crashed in and ride over that same speed bumb everytime I go to the pool. Theres accualy 2 ways of going to the pool, the longer and easier road or the shorter and harder road. The speed bump is on the shorter and harder road. And everytime I go to the pool, I take the shorter and harder road, regardless.

Appart from a little fever I have now, I cant really complain because the weather has been very sweet, I have new training mates of which I get to draw from, which is always a favrite for me. Also we have a new TBB kiosk here, with a resident mechanic, who will do ALL of my bike maintenance because I am very impotent and fixing my bike. I just like to ride it.

Anyway, I should be back at racing in November, which will be a relief…………………..

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