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Anvaya Cove Tri.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

This morning I did my “comeback” race at a local season ending event very near Subic in the prestigious Anvaya Cove!

So, Anvaya Cove is what I picture in my mind when I imagine heaven…Well, minus the clouds and more people in sandles and bathrobes ;)

The race, was an original format of 1k swim-30k bike-6km run. START! And I took my place at the front of the swim where I could see the ocean bed even when I was rouding the furthest buoy. At one point I was wondering if the sand here is imported from the Carribean?

The bike was very hilly and twisty and because of the multi lap format, I had to politley over pass many athletes. Due to my impressive record of crashing on downhills, I took them easy and did lots “Lancing Armstrong” on the uphills with some un-characteristical out of the saddles climbing.

The run was done how we often train, M/M/M and that was it! After the interviews and autographs I did some more running to make my legs feel a bit better for tomorow when I wake up and start all ooooooover again!

How is your shoulder?

Friday, November 14th, 2008

I wish I had a Peso everytime I got asked that question!

My shoulder is fine, always has. But my collar bone is a bit sensitive when the weather or pool water is cold or when I wake up in the mornings. I have done a few “all out” swims with my big black paddles and cut off bike tubes with no pain, followed by satisfactory numbers!

Last blog I was rambling about a little fever. Well that fever ended up being a quite serious sinus infection that compelled some nose bleeds and solid head aces for about 2 weeks! At one point some people though I had high blood pressure or hipper tension, possible at 22? I dont know but I`m feeling fine now!

This block of training has been rock steady, consistent hard sessions with a variety of rookies! Most continents are represented in our squad at present, of which makes interesting conversations and mis-understanding imminent!

I quietly chuckle when doc “loses it” at the rookies for making mistakes! But often they repeat the same mistakes out of ambition…Even though I am still the youngest, I cant help but feeling like one of the oldest. Not sure why???

Anyway, I have a foggy idea of what I am doing next year. But the fog will eventually clear, my targets will be vivid and I`ll be armed with some sharpend arrows!