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2008 Season Review.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

This season started in a surprising manner where I got all these ideas and options and self-pressures early on of which made me see things that where non existent so after some more grinding, what was “within” appeared and showed its potential only to be hindered by a speed bump, but with the aid of some titanium, peer support and good ole sticking it out, I met some many more interesting humans which made me feel like this is my place so now I eagerly await 2009 to attack the room for improvement theory.!.!.!

A tennis Story.

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Once uppon a time I over heard this story about tennis great Andre Agassie.

Andre had a plan to win the Australian open a lot of times. The Aussie open is the first major tennis tournament of the year in JAnuary.

So Andre would simply, go to bed early and rise ealier to practice hard during the holiday season, while his adversairies would be taking it easy…

Andre won the Aussie open 4 times.

Now, I see myself like Andre, gaining while others are not gaining. Drinking gatorade and not eggnog. Eating rice and pine-apple, not turkey and stuffing! Out under the sun, not under the mistletoe.

2009 here I come!

Airport Road Poem

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Joyette, please dont be jealous…

“Oh dear airport road, you have everything a cyclist would want! Uphills, downhills, rollers, sharp turns, gradual turns, lefts/rights, tail wind, head wind and a couple turn arounds!

You always let me be on top and you never complain! Never judgemental of my grunts or when I shout.

Rainy day or Sunny day, your available to me…

The purple sunsets and pink sunrises we have witnessed together are in my memorie forever.

Even though I have to share you with others, I know I’m your favorite”

Pros and cons of training on my own.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

So its that time of year again, where I put in a solid block of training with my shadow.

Unlike last year, this time I have familliar training venues and a few more options…

So, lets start with the Pros:

- Start the sessions on my own timeline.

-Warm up/down at my speed and for as long long or short that I want.

-Focus on my pace.



-Nobody to keep me honest.

-Nobody to pull away from or to chase down.

-Nobody to chitchat to.

-Nobody to ask how many reps we have done (mostly for swimming)

-Not always looking forward to an empty swim pool.

-Nobody to help me clear lane 1 of walkers off the track before fast running.

Okay, so the cons win over the pros…………………………………..

Ultra Training.

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Earlier this week, I was visiting my tiny girl friend and I got the chance to browse around Manilas vast options for training facilities!

I was quite impressed with how many 50m pools there are but mostly, I admired the die hard cycling community who ride on a regular basis around this 2km out and back section behind the mall of Asia at sunrise to avoid traffic…

The picture is taken at the Ultra sports complex, which is home to many sports. You can find many of the local tri crowd there because of the convinience of a 400m track and 50m pool meters from each other.

If only the crazy traffic could be fixed…