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Training Update! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Training Update!

So its that time of year again, where alround amibitions are high and spring camp is just around the bend!

For the past week, I’ve been training with the newlywed iron-couple Bayliss! They were looking very pale in the first few days, but now, they are getting some color! But still have some ways to catch up to me!

Steve has done a good job of keeping me honest in the swim, as I have return the favor by talegating him on the run! As for the bike, well its been a threesome around the hilly Subic Bay forest and as you might have guess, we push the “heavy” gears ;)

The majority of our training is to prep our 3 events before camp starts. Of which means that we are doing some “tripple M” training on the run and bike! And of course, we paddles up and down the cool Brent pool and dont leave much time in between reps.

Speaking fo the pool, its cool, of which compels us to get in slowly and then swim it up and down to warm up and stay warm! That Steve looks very funny with his rubber Blue 70 swim cap!

Speaking of Blue 70, they are our new sponsors on board and I also learned that the Blue 70 brand name stands that 70% of planet earth is covered in blue water!

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