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Life Is Good!

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

This past week has been slowly building up to race week on Langkawi Island.

Langkawi is a special place for me, it was the site of my first Ironman and an amazing peformance, of which reinforced my beliefs in my long distance abilities.

The weather here has been brilliant with sun, wind and blue skies during the day and mild evenings that have slowly been getting longer and longer each week with breathtaking sunsets view from the airport road. Oh I dont miss Canada right now you can be sure ;)

Training was not as consitent as last week, but I was able to practice my survival mode energy system, of which is important in Ironman racing.

First real race since August 2008, after a broken collar bone, surgery, aquirement of a comprehensive girlfriend and a little scrambling around with this and that…I can assertively say that Im in a much better position, right here, right now, than I Was, 365 and 1/4 days ago.

LAngkawi here I come again!


Monday, February 16th, 2009

Last week the tripple runs and double bikes and double bricks and long fast swim where done! It was interesting to see the new athletes deal with the loading of intense distance training! Some of them suprised me, others disapointed.

Me? I proved myself a few times over. My numbers are not all that faster, but I am much more consistent for a few days in a row, which proves my increase in fitness and better strategizing in “racetraining” scenario!

The one abraisive thing has been the swim. Since we are a very big squad in a small 25m pool with lane ropes that are losser than a local G.R.O. ;) due to little kids riddind the lane ropes like a surf board.

So awareness is a must when swimming at the Benictican pool with TBB cause the doc loooooves the paddles :)

But dont take this complacentcy as an insecurity, but more as a fact, that once the water is open, in a one way, clockwise loop, my long monkey arms wont be disturbed every few meters…

Milo Half.

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

This morning I ran my first straight 21km race! Sure I did a few half Ironmans but never a flat out 21.

So my race plan was to run even, which made me let the front group get a gap and where I ran the opening kms with Bella Bayliss! And then from 5km to 15km I ran through some front group rejects!

Seriously, I dont get to pass that many people in races, so I enjoyed every moment of it and plan on making a more consistent habit ;)

So the final stretch was ran on the Rizal higway, the main artery in Subic Bay, with a bit of a head wind, which made me focus on 3 thing: chin down/pump the arms/turn the legs.

And before I know it I crossed the line in 1:16.13 with a very nice sunrise to greet me!

I assaulted the free Milo choco milk vans and then grabbed my prize money, watched a cool dance show and then went home to get ready for a 3 hour “warm down” on the forrest!

I really which I could do these races more often, it seems like they just give you back so much in intensity training ;)

A Notre Audience Francophone!

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Deja le mois de feverier et la majoriter de notre equipe est arriver a notre base d’entraiment printaniere, Subic Bay. Et avec l’ariver de notre guru d’entraiment, le pain est sur la planche et la challeur est ressentie!

C’est mon 5eme camp TBB et suis deja un des “anciens” athletes, malgrer d’etre un des plus jeunes. Nous sommes representer par plus de 12 nations differentes, ce qui apporte des discussion/commentaire interessant et il y a deja quelques “cliques” qui prenne forme en plus de ce moquer des accents des autres ;)

Pour moi, dans notre groupe, il y a des vieux visages dont j`ai vue sur internet durant plusieur annees et finalement j`ai la chance de les rencontrers! MAis en revange, il y a des jeunes nouveaux visages et des vieux nouveaux visage avec qui jai l’opportuniter vais me donner a fond, constament!

Mais peut importe notres pays d’origines, annees d’experience ou notre age. Si vous nous voyer sur une ligne de depart, compter certain que nous missons le top du podium!