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Milo Half.

This morning I ran my first straight 21km race! Sure I did a few half Ironmans but never a flat out 21.

So my race plan was to run even, which made me let the front group get a gap and where I ran the opening kms with Bella Bayliss! And then from 5km to 15km I ran through some front group rejects!

Seriously, I dont get to pass that many people in races, so I enjoyed every moment of it and plan on making a more consistent habit ;)

So the final stretch was ran on the Rizal higway, the main artery in Subic Bay, with a bit of a head wind, which made me focus on 3 thing: chin down/pump the arms/turn the legs.

And before I know it I crossed the line in 1:16.13 with a very nice sunrise to greet me!

I assaulted the free Milo choco milk vans and then grabbed my prize money, watched a cool dance show and then went home to get ready for a 3 hour “warm down” on the forrest!

I really which I could do these races more often, it seems like they just give you back so much in intensity training ;)

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