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Last week the tripple runs and double bikes and double bricks and long fast swim where done! It was interesting to see the new athletes deal with the loading of intense distance training! Some of them suprised me, others disapointed.

Me? I proved myself a few times over. My numbers are not all that faster, but I am much more consistent for a few days in a row, which proves my increase in fitness and better strategizing in “racetraining” scenario!

The one abraisive thing has been the swim. Since we are a very big squad in a small 25m pool with lane ropes that are losser than a local G.R.O. ;) due to little kids riddind the lane ropes like a surf board.

So awareness is a must when swimming at the Benictican pool with TBB cause the doc loooooves the paddles :)

But dont take this complacentcy as an insecurity, but more as a fact, that once the water is open, in a one way, clockwise loop, my long monkey arms wont be disturbed every few meters…

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