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My girlfriend is Anemic :( « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


My girlfriend is Anemic :(

So, this was the topic of one of our convertations last weekend!

She went with some of her teamates to the doctor to get evaluated and she was 2 points under par.

So, before she changed her diet or got some local suplements. I rationalised that it was not the food she was eating or the amount or lack of suplements. But rather, the preparation of her meals DESTROY a significant portion of the nutrition.

You all know what Im talking about: Cutting into small pieces/broilling/microwave/deep fry/boilling/steaming/freazing/baking/ect.

In this impatient era, humans are cutting corners to get the food from the base, to their salavia lubed yaps ;)

I used to work in a restaurant, more specificaly in a Pizza Place. And yes, its all about fast delivery from the time the order is in. I learned tones. Like if you cut the spinage to agressivly, it will bruise and withing minutes “blead” its nutriments to the bottom of the container its shortly being contained in, before passing to the 450 degree over.

Another nasty thing, is that many of the means we would get, are pre-cooked at the factory, cooked again when it arrives to our shop and the is cooked for a THIRD time before its delivered to the customer! And I did not mentioned the 2 times its keeped in minus 10 degree celsius freezers!

Same thing goes with seeds and nuts. Their health is hindered when heated to high or too long! Which is one reason why lots of breads, have the seeds on the ouside of the bread, because they where put there immediatly after is was baked!

So babe, dont change your diet or smallow some pills. Just be more concious of where and what you eat… Because in this impatients and “salmonellaphobic” era, the nutrional value of your foods, are compromisedm, by ourselfs.

DONT get me started on dairy products ;)

PS: I cannot prove any of the above staments nor have any education in food or naturopathy.

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