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Spring Camp closing down. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Spring Camp closing down.

All things must have an endding. For me, its been a loooooooooooooong sping camp here in the Philipinnes. About 15 months. In that period, I have seen many different athletes come and go, succeed and fail, raive and complain.

Friendships have been made and rivalries instigated.

All this time, I would wake up in Olongapo, straddle my expensive bike and zigzag through the jeepneys and tricycles all the way to gate 14. Where I would make the cross to the Bay of Subic.

Just like that, I would cross from 3rd world to first world. They live so close together. Work closely together. It makes people like me think. About life. About my life. growing up in Canada, with so much oppertunities, sometimes to many oppertunities and peer pressure.

I have seen the Bay prosper dramaticaly in the last 15 months. Newly paved roads, new hotels, a new highway that connects Manila to Subic, more and more western stores and restos, the opening of a TBB store and even a freaking starbucks!

15 months comming to an end. The Philipnes my second home. I`ve competed half a dozen times here. I leave with so much more than I arrived.

I will be back!

Thanx 4 the hospitality Olongapo.

Ride you again airport road, hope one day all your roads will be opperational!

I still haven`t been inside Ocean Adventure, even though I road by it over 500 hundred times!

Keep that pool in order Raffy. Tabey bilis at the track ;)

Salamat po Subic, balik dito isa day!

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