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Finally going back home! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Finally going back home!

Well its been 2 years and 4 months since I was last in Canada. I did not reach my initial objective of competing at the 2008 Olympics, but if I put the bigger picture in perspective, I gained much more, than Olympic Rings…

The journey started on a drilling rig in Northern Alberta, where I could save some ca$h to fund my journey.

Then, Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda/ Ethipioa/France/Italie/Holland/Switzerland/Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia/Philipinnes/Burma/China/Japan/Borneo…

This might sound clichee, that I learn’t more about myself than the rest of the open world.

3 things I need to be happy:


-Good Food

-Shower everyday

3 things that I DONT need to be happy:




I also learned from the world how first impressions are so important, especialy when in a position of minority or just transiting through.

And of course how I good I have it in Canada. Duuuuhhhhhh!

The most painfull though, is always leaving a place I have settled down for a few months, or a year. Saying good bye, see ya next time I see ya, has been by far, the most unpleasant moments of the journey…

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