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3rd Brent Invitational Swim Meet. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


3rd Brent Invitational Swim Meet.


A few weeks ago I was asked by lifeguard Raffy to voluntear at their swim meet comming up! Kuya Raffy has always been very good to me, letting swim early, swim a bit later, swim when the pool is very busy, lend me a free locker and even feeding me sometimes when I’m looking a little skinny ;)

Accualy, Raffy was a key person lasy year when I broke my collar bone, he had some hook ups at the hospital and was able to get a great price, a great surgergon and more importantly, a room to myself with aircon that was clean enuff!

So I quickly agreed! My job would be a crutial one, to be a judge! So basically I was the guy that disqualified the little kids :( for swimming infractions.

The caos of the swim meet warm ups!

The caos of the swim meet warm ups!

I would only DQ the little kids for a few things, single hand touch on their turns on fly and breastroke. False starts, freestyle kick on the fly/breast and finishing on their fronts at the end of the backstroke. I accualy had to DQ one kid because he did a rediculusly long streamline!!

To be honest, I was very lax, only what was a sure breaking of a rule. I let a few slide because I kinda felt sorry for some of the kids how where struggling on their fly or the one who would knock their heads at the wall during back stroke! And then to one that zig zag into the lane lines, I had to keep my poker face more than a few time ;)

Kids age range was from 5 years old to 18 years old!

Kids age range was from 5 years old to 18 years old!

Me @ work...

Me @ work...


One thing that I saw for the first time, was the t-shirt relay, where it as 6x25m and each take over had to be done by giving the t-shirt to the next swimmer!


The best technique that I saw, was simply the bend over and let your relay mates rip the t-shirt off your body. But to put it on, well the fastest where the one who just did it themself, because the ones I saw where the WHOLE team would try to put it on the next swimmer, well that was just funny and complicated!



So at the end of the day, I might have DQ about 30 little kids, but I wont have any problems sleeping because I dont make th rules, I just enforce them….

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