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Le Tour Of Hope

Last week my girl friend was in Thailand for The Tour of Hope. Which is an athletically, personal and enjoyable method of spreading the awareness of Cervical Cancer.


Cervical cancer is the 2nd highest killer in the female cancer tree, only to be outdone by breast cancer…BUT there is a vaccine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cervarix  that makes women increasingly safer from developing this often imminent disease.

So the sum of this tour is to in part solicit funds to be given for the screening and treatment underprivileged women in Thailand and the Philippines. And of course, to spread awareness of the vaccine to woman who can afford it and/or have realistic access.


The advocacy is not just to promote the vaccine, but providing a cheap alternative which is training midwives to screen the virus using acetic acid more commonly known as vinegar and treating them on the spot with cryotherapy.

The tour started in Nongkai, in the northeastern part of Thailand and is a 12 day, 1160km ride that ends in the Office of the Ministry of Health in Bangkok.   



Her trip was sponsored by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GlaxoSmithKline aka GSK which is a UK based company who is one of the largest producers of the vaccine! GSK has branches in many countries, including the Philippines!

Anyways, to women who have access and can afford this vaccine should have and get it done!!!


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