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Asian Duathlon Championships! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Asian Duathlon Championships!

Hey last Friday I got the impulse to race the Asian Duathlon Championships here in Subic. With the approval of my coach and the help of my kuya from a different mama Melvin I got a free entry J

So Saturday was a legs off double swim  with the morning being lots of fast with lots of rest hands only, and then the evening was lots of lactic with a little rest paddles only.

Race morning came and because I my handle bars where not draft legal, I had to do the age group race, but the incentive was that the elite men started 2 min ahead of us, and the elite woman started 1 min ahead.

Ready go I start the run nose breathing pace (thanx Rob Higley) and then I started to real in some who had started to fast. Out of the swim/bike/run running is the most natural to humans so it’s so easy to start to fast!

I was on my bike and leading the women’s race and had some of the elite men in sight; unlike in triathlons there’s was actually blood in my legs at the start of the bike so I got rolling well in my bars.

For some reason, the ITU officials felt insecure about athletes ridding in the forest, I think because of the monkeys? So they change the bike course from an out ad back to a 2 loop circuit where some of the roughest roads are in the whole of Subic L

At half way I was starting to hurt but had the draw of small groups of elite men in front so I pushed on and had to make sure some of them did not go on my wheel, I don’t make the rules, I just play by them! Near the end, I was starting to hurt so I got her in a big gear and hydrated!

Off my bike and onto the run, woah I felt like crap at first, but I keep my stride short and quick and got my lungs under control, stayed away from the aid stations because I was close to the finish, my body was heating up and I remembered what my Kenya friend Joseph once told me, “you must not cool the engine to fast when at its hottest” kinda like a car radiator right?

I crossed the line in a world of pain and was greeted by vitwater, the same drink as Manny Pacquio!

So now some of that long easy stuff with quick pickups here and there for a few days and then onto more training before I head off to Borneo Island for a mister Chan race and then the next weekend the Laguna Phuket!

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