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Speech @ Brent International School in Subic. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Speech @ Brent International School in Subic.

Hey a few days ago I did a short talk for the National Honor Society here at the Brent Subic School.


Mister Winckle, the head master of Brent Subic who happens to be a fellow Canadian had asked me a couple weeks ago so that I had time to prepare!


The speech was pretty simple to me,  I prepare a presentation on a power point document to explain how the sport of triathlon has helped me in my developpement as a young man and the places I’ve seen to the challenges I have confronted along the way! With some vivid pictures of my coolest trips!

Knowing that I would be surrounded by some bright and sharp people, I made sure that I had a G.I. Joe hair cut and a clean safe prior to the evening! I “pimped” my Cervelo P3 with race wheels and other gadgets to add substance to my talk ;)

I was able to”mooch” some freebies from National coach and TBB Subic manager Melvin to hand out to the honored students!


Some of the freebies included a pair of Avia Bolts, TBB water bottles, TBB t-shirt, a Timex watch, some TBB stickers and TBB tattoos! There was not enuff gear for the entire honor students so I had to ask   some random questions like who was the first man to run sub 4 min mile and how many rounds did it take for Manny Pacquio to TKO Miguel Cotto! I gave the Timex watch to the boy how said that I was the first one who broke the 4 min mile! AH! Not in this lifetime, but I thought it was hilarious so I just had to give it to him J clearly these kids are into their academics more than athletics ;)

And of course the evening finished off with some free food :)


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