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Paddling 101. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Paddling 101.

Hey recently I realized that a simple and natural thing that I do while swimming with paddles that helps me move though the water well enuff, is not all that simple for some, and can easily be fixed with pictures over a blog!


Many slow and neo triathletes tend to tense up their hands, thus clustering their fingers all together while swimming with paddles.


This is how I always spread my fingers while paddling. It spreads the pressure around, giving me more grip on the water!

The most important is the thumb, because its the strongest finger, yea obviously but its shoking how many dont apply their hand properly in the paddles.

Accually, monkeys are so very agile because they have thumbs on their feet ;) okay who cares.

So be aware of it, and im sure you’ll see a difference on the numbers on the clock, especially since we take so many damn strokes in races!

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