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Brighton Beach International. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Brighton Beach International.


Yesterday I started the end of my 2009 racing season.

Me and Joyette had to fly through over night in beautiful Kota Kinabalu to get to the race site in the city Miri, also on the Malaysian part of Borneo Island.

This was my second time on Borneo but my first time in Miri. Seeing new places and meeting new people is my second most favorite part of racing, right after performance ;)


We landed in Miri 18 hours before race start so we did not have any time to waste.

Race day came quickly and when the gun went off in a deep water start it caught me by surprise! It took my about 200m to get to my usual spot at front of the swim and begun to gradually increased the pressure from there. My upper body was feeling tight, but the strength was definitely there! I zig zaged a bit because I haven’t swam in open water in some time now, but never the less had a gap going onto the bike!

The bike was draft legal, but most of all the top guys had aero setups because the rules a bit lax around here…Maybe 15km into it I was swallowed by the main group. There was a few Europeans, an Aussie, a Jap, a relay guy and the eventual female champion.

I did my share at the front until maybe about 10k to go, where I just decided to sit, drink and feed.

A few weak attacks later we were on the run.

From the start, I had some serious stitches on my left side; I have had these very often in draft legal races as a junior, but rarely in training. I know they are cause when I do 80/20 breathing, which means when you only use the top 20% of your lung capacity to breath, which then holds the same oxygen at the lower part of the lungs, thus putting pressure on the side of my diaphragm causing pain.

Anyway, after some slow running and deep breaths, the lead guys had a significant gap on me and I started to build her up. I ran through a few guys, which is a novelty to me! Especially in all the draft legal races!

With maybe a kilometer to go, I was running down Elmar Shurbert, who is an Austrian athlete that I have raced twice at Ironman Malaysia, and thats beaten me both times by little margins!

And this time was no different…He heard me coming and pick up the pace and before I knew it I had crossed the line and was cooling myself off with cold water!

3rd across the line gave me a decent payday behind two good  athletes who I will be facing once again in 6 days at the Laguna Phuket, which is not drafting and a little longer ;)


And as usual, Joyette had a good race and placed 5th overall and pick up the most prize money she has ever won! 


Oh and thanx again to Mister Chan, his familly and crew for putting up another awsome event!

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