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Frodeno likes it when Canadians get 2nd! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Frodeno likes it when Canadians get 2nd!

Hey after my race on Borneo Island, I and Joyette quickly put our bikes apart in our boxes, rested, refueled and hugged good bye at the airport…

 I got into Kuala Lumpur late Sunday night and had already reserved a corner at the budget terminal (LCCT) because I’m a budget kind of guy ;)


Early in the morning I awaken by footsteps and then proceded to board my flight to Phuket and then was picked up by my new friend Thomas!

I got to my villa and it was, well 6 stars!  My home stay Klaus put me in right on the bike course near Naithon beach and had a 25m pool to myself and a breath stealing view!!!


So over the next week, I would take the time to loosen up from my race in Miri and that over night in KL airport! I touched up my rhythm on the race course and got some very useful tips from Thomas who basically was a tour guide for me since he’s spent a lot of time in Phuket!


Race day came along and after a short and fast run on the beach I was swimming on the left so that I could see to the right where the others were and then make my move. Somebody stormed off the front and I settled in 3rd spot, on a pair of 2 beat kicking Hungarian feet!

Maturity and experience have taught me that “cruzing it” in the swim is a good investment in the 2nd half of my race! Versus “crushing it”…

Once on the beach, my Hungarian domestic tripped and fell just in front of me, which compelled me to hurdle over him with a smirk on my face ;) I dove in the Lagoon, which is a 600m fresh water swim right after 1200m salt water swim so you can imagine the sinking feeling!!

Now once in the lagoon I got into my long and strong rhythm and from what I was told, cut some time into the leader over the closing meters of the swim.

Once on my Cervelo P3, I spun a lighter gear at first and was quickly joined by my Hungarian accomplice!

We switched off until the bottom of the first hill, where he dropped back leaving me in clear 2nd, where I would remain until the finishing tape.

I rode past my villa at Malaiwana and waived to Bee and Bee Bee as they were standing there cheering J

Like a good TBB boy, I was sporting my training wheels, so I bent my elbows, put my chin low to my stem and dug in my 950 pesos Kenda clinchers into the sharp and fast corners in the hilly and technical section!

Once out of the hills, I looked behind and saw nobody…

I rode steady until I got on highway where the wind was hauling! I then started to grind a bigger gear and crossed path the first place athlete. I feed just before the turn around and grabbed a bottle of Gatorade for a couple gulps and then ditched it…

After the fastest T2 of the day, I started the run 6 minutes and change behind the leader Jan. As I ran out of transition, I hear Whit “the voice” Raymond calling some names out, so I knew I had some chasers…


I started steady, drank some coke at the aid stations and put the cold sponges on my head! I then started to build my leg speed and stayed very nimble on the technical sections, yes this was a technical run course over a golf course!!!

At half way, I was starting to hurt but was egged on by many supporters screaming my name!!! With 4 km to go, my body was strained and in pain!!! I skipped the aid stations to save some time and ran around some athletes on their first loop.

I crossed the finishing tape sweating joy and relief! I was greeted by a fresh Jan Frodeno who had been “hanging out” with the elephant!!


So after one heck of a party, I am going back to Subic where I will be having a Jehovas Witness holidays to be ready for next year!!!

I would like to thank Cervelo, for providing me with a P3 that doesn’t need race wheels for a fast bike split!

Thanx to Scoody for the cool bike jersey with open zipper, that was very easy to put on after the swim where speed suites were banned and kept my canadian skin protected from the sun!

Thanx to Blue Seventy for the swim googles that stayed firmly in place for during 2 hard dives during the swim leg!

Thanx to Alex and all the guys at The Bike Boutique for doing an awesome technical job!

Thanx to Klaus to his generosity and hospitality!

Thanx to Brett for his continoued belief in me!

Thanx to Avia for the bolts that got me aross the technical run blister free while “bare footing”

Thanx to my biggest and littlest fan Joyette!!!

And thanx to who ever created the menu for the pasta party and award supper, it was f*cking delicious!



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