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Since I’ve been back! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Since I’ve been back!

Hey since if been back to the Philippines, I spent a few days in the metal jungle called Manila! I had some meetings and shopping to get done and also get a haircut and pedicure, with lots of time spend in traffic…


So not wanting to spend more time than I had to here, I came back to Subic for the weekend and prepare for my next training block over the holidays!

It all started by just re-organizing my living space after a little internal flood…But nothing important got damaged because all the valuable stuff that I own (computer/credit cards/bike/Canadian passport) are always with me when I travel! Yes those encompass all of my valuable life possessions…

Anyway I got back into training, I swam 30 000m in just 4 days because I find that swimming helps me recovery from the race/party/travel/manila and since I did not swim all that much in the past couple weeks, I was feeling pretty chippy in the water J I know this kind of millage is an okay week of running for some of my competitors who are presently in the “off-season” but not for me ;)


At this time of year in the Philippines, the weather gets “colder” which means about 15 degrees in the mornings and then 20 to 25 degrees during the day with a slight breeze and low humidity! It kinda feels like summer in Victoria B-C :)

The pool water is now “cool” so not many people come and swim, so I tend to have the whole pool to myself ;) actually, kuya Raffy finally persuaded the school to suspend the PE classes at this time of year because for the last 4 years, it always been a battle for him to get the little kids in the water!! Rumor is that the ocean water is warmer than the Brent pool!

I also ran some laps of “the loop” which I will be re-visiting often over the next few weeks!

Cycling is good, since the add congress a few weeks ago, the airport road has been fully opened, seriously I think it took then 15 months to make some holes in the tarmac and then fill then back up over a 1km stretch of road, seriously, next time just hire a bunch of ruffnecks, you don’t even need to pay them, just fly them over, given some free San Miguel beers and they’ll “get her done” in a few days!

Subic is actually pretty quiet at this time of year, most of the crowds will go back to the provinces or just group up and make a whole lot of noise in Manila, so I will have Subic all to myself J

Until new year’s………………………………….


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