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Sitting is unhealthy! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Sitting is unhealthy!

 Sitting is unhealthy, no not sitting on a bike, but on a chair.


While sitting, our spine is curved, organs are compressed, knees and hips get stiff. It can easily lead to a very common and painful back problem, lumbar compression.




Lots of people know this, but still because of life’s demands and circumstance, billions spend a copious amount of time sitting each day, whether at work, at school, in front of the computer or desk, in the car or on the bus.


I am convinced that chairs and sitting cause such in-efficiency in today’s society, making people lazy, slow and complacent.


One episode of Seinfeld comes to mind, it was when George Kostanza was out shopping with his finance Suzan, and he spotted the security guard who stood beside the entrance all day, and it made George so angry, that he fought for this man so he could get a chair to sit in.





Well, at the end of the episode, the final scene shows that store getting robbed, and where was the security guard? Sitting and sleeping in the chair George got for him.


Personally, I avoid sitting as much as possible, I sometimes watch TV and do computer work upside down, for better blood flow and if I am not on the move, I lay flat on my back or stomach. When I fly, I always get the aisle seat, ideally in the emergency escape row for the extra leg room. But it’s because I get up and walk around often!!!


 Maybe someday there will be an alternative put  together, where people can do their work in a better position than sitting. Maybe Homer Simpson was on to something, in that one episode when he got the new job in the new city and he recommended that his employees all get “working hammocks”  and hi boss added a new floor to his house that day, well yeah that’s a little farfetched idea, but at least he was thinking ;)



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