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My blood type is C! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


My blood type is C!

Hey I don’t remember my first day of school, or my first kiss or my first bike but I will always remember the first time I had coffee!


It was in the winter of 2004, my friends Chris needed an early morning ride to school as I was on my way to swim training. He offered to buy coffee at Starbucks in return for the favor. So once we got there, I just got whatever he was getting, a caramel macchiato.


I drank it slowly as we drove and then dropped him off on campus. Then I got to the Commonwealth pool and was starting to feel the buzz coming! It was a Tuesday and that means time trial! I was feeling chatty that morning and was on top on the water during warm up!


The time trial was my best, by a long shot in training!


I later called up Chris and told him about my swim, and he said “go figure eh”


From that Tuesday, I have been addicted!


Coffee to me means phase one, I can feel the buzz comming as soon as I smell it! It has helped me get through late night pizza shits during the playoffs, grave yard shits on the rigs and prepared me for some serious training session.


Now a days, I have coffee or tea or a supplement before almost every session.


I have had the chance to be part of a coffee roasting party in Kenya, tasted some great Borneo coffee, freeloaded some Brazilian stuff from Reinaldo and even taste some super potent from Baguio!


There are so many other coffees I want to taste out there!  I will make it a point to travel the world one day, in search of a new cup of coffee!


For racing, if done right, it can have very positive effects on an athlete’s performance, depending on the abstinence and how/when it is taken during the race.


There are many non-drinkers out there that claim it will dehydrate you quicker or compel you to start to fast or make you jumpy. But if you’re used to it, there no reason why one cannot cope.


I have meet many people who are “I don’t like it” or “I don’t need it” and it’s very funny, and not to generalize, but often those are the people who are late for appointments and/or just move around slowly…Again, I’m not generalizing, but I know lots of people who stand that position!


C is my blood type, and I always wonder how much slower humans evolution would have been without it ;)

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