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Windy Poem! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Windy Poem!

During the day the wind blows.
And at night, it howls.

Whether I’m with my big black paddles swimming.
Or going up and down, round and round while ridding
And doing laps of the loop or at the track running.

The wind is my friend one minute, and the next it’s my worst enemy.
Occasionally it likes to play both sides.

I can’t see it.
I can only feel it.

At the pool, it will make waves.
And make a warm day feel chilly.
Sometimes, the real challenge is when my hands are out of the water.

There’s nowhere to hide.
Especially on my ride.

I can’t get out of the saddle, or shift my gears.
No way to see the end of as it seems to be whispering in my ears.

Around the track head on, when I’m about to pop.
On the next straight I feel great and rock!

In the cross wind, it feels like a rush.
Or just a sucker punch.

But my attitude is the same as on the rigs.
Head down, ass up and get her done!

When its windy.
It dont phase me ;)

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