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Sauna 101. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Sauna 101.

Hey well one of the tricks I like to use recovery quicker is having a steamy sauna.

I am very lucky to have a neibourg who’s got one of those home saunas!

The infomercials for these are hilarious; you see this super fit people “claiming” that they got their bodies from the sauna! There are a few scents that can be added like cinnamon or mint and even a head cover!

I found the magasine on the floor!

I found the magasine on the floor!

My favorite time to have a sauna is mid day on an active recovery day. Another good time is right after supper, I really feel who it helps me to digest my food!

Ideally I would have a Sauna where I can lay on my back, because that my favorite non-training position…But it’s a small compromise…

The sauna has been my “go to” solution to a vast amount of problems like hangovers, sinus infection, fatigue, fevers, sore muscles, injuries, ect.

One thing about the sauna is to not over do it, because the benefits can go backwards! I don’t recommend more than 30 minutes. It’s not because a little bit is good, that a whole lot more is better!

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