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Going 2 China, take 3. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Going 2 China, take 3.

Hey a lot has happened in the past few weeks. I finished off my preparation for IM China, had to take care of some paper work in the city and go some new sponsor goodies for the race.

I now travelled to the city before my flight to organize a few details before I leave, and also to make sure that I am close to the airport since I have an early morning flight on Thursday.

Been testing out my race set up in training, you know all the little details like what I will be wearing, ridding and eating. All of which have been tried tested and trued.

My home in Subic Bay is actually pretty close to the race site in China, its pretty much shares the same ocean and weather and wind. My guess is that renting a boat and floating there would be faster than taking the plane, but that’s risky and out of my budget.

Last year’s race in China was well, a disaster. Not just for me, put for many athletes on that day. I even saw the race winner, walk a few times…

This year, I am without a doubt much more prepared, mentally, physically and technically. The past 2 months have very different from last years before the race.

From what I see on the website, it will be the same course as last year, besides double the loops on the swim. Which will make it more complicated, and well break things up easily with many turns and possible currents and also the over lapping of the slower athletes.

The one thing that’s clear in my mind, is that both years I raced in China, there was crazy rain the week going into the race. And then on race day, it was clear, hot and humid.

Looks like different forecast for this year as the race is earlier. But you never know…

What’s that saying, third time lucky?

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