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Tour of Hope day 2. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Tour of Hope day 2.

Hey well today’s tour day started early after a big breakfast we where off. After we left the safety of Clark, we passed through a few small towns and then the pace quickly pick up by the usual suspects from Polo tri.


Our first Gatorade stop came pretty quickly. These stops are always at a gas station every 25km to 30km and we basically take over the entire area, looking for a spot to sit in the shade!


We went through some very nice rural roads near Tarlac, which where bordered by rice fields


One thing that I always found strange is that the locals put their rice out on the side of the road to make it dry quicker! But very often, cars and motor cycles just drive over the rice on the road. Personally I would not like it if somebody would drive over my super!


Here is a picture of me and Max Telford, Max hales from New Zealand now lives on the Island of Cebu! He’s the oldest participant in the tour at 67 years young, and actually competed at the 1968 Mexico Olympics in the marathon. He also the first the run the Death Valley marathon in California and also ran from Anchorage Alaska all the way to Halifax Nova Scotia, 50 miles a day. WOAH that’s like a 6 hour flight my plane!


Anyway we got to our final destination of Tarlac city, and where we where greeted by the locals and of course, went for a run!

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