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Tour of Hope day 5. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Tour of Hope day 5.

Hey well I have been busy moving around, but heres a late report of the last day of the tour, with the 35km climb to Bagiuo!

Here a link to a viedo of the tour, credit of Reg Plops

Anyway, the day started a bit earlier than the other days and at a much slowler pace. Once we got to the bottom of Macos high way, we took a long gatorade break and then up the hill!

I went off the front to make sure I could go at my own pace. I felt pretty solid, just ticking my legs away. The most tedious part of the climb, was the fact that there was so many downhills, especially the long one before the end. It got a bit cold near the top and someof the road got a little ruff, especialy where someof the landslides had happned during the Ondoy flood last year.

Once near the top, I put on my run shoes and did some running around. But it was a bit crowded, so after a short break I decided to run back down the hill and cheer and push the other ridders gridding up the final section of the hill. Which was the steppest.

Once at the top we regrouped and then went to this field where we where greated by locals and had our pictures taken.

Anyway, here are some cool photos!


Narly old shcool bike!


Yest he climbed, up to 4000feet of Baguio on that thing with his chuck taylors!


He is the king of the mountain!

Finished the tour!


Going into the cube for photos and rest!


Me and my little Joyette taking finishers pictures ;)


THE Redg Plops.


Well, this was a good tour for a good cause. A very healthy way to see the Philippines and spread the awereness/screaning/prevention of cervical cancer. I strongly recommend anybody who has the oppertunity to join, to do it up!

I meet many new people and see many new places.
Got to now even better people that where aquaintances…
And it was great timing right after a big race!
Especialy that my race did not go as I had believed that I could perform.
This was a great way to get my mind out and about!

Up next, is a trip to Cagayan the Oro in the Mindano part of the Philippines where we will be making steps towards out social developpement program!

Keep you all posted!

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