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Social Project in Cagayan De Oro. « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Social Project in Cagayan De Oro.

Hey last week I was invited to Cagayan De Oro in the Mindano section of the Philippines by my new friend Al!


Al is a typical weekend warrior and is supporting group of young athletes that he wants to see do well! 1 of them is our lastest addition to the team Neil Catill and another one if TBB mechanic Brian!

Brian on the left and Neil of the Right.

Brian on the left and Neil of the Right.

So my job was to go their and have a look, lead by example and assist where needed!

In early May, Subic Bay will host the Asian Championchips for Juniors and U23, so right now, they are on school brake and are very keened and motivated to train! The kids age range from 10 years old to 17.

So day one, I went to the pool for a swim, CDO has a very nice 50m and track oval right next to each other in town! It was a short speed set and got to know all the kids! I was actually suprised about the speed some of the kids had in the water!


Day 2, we did a steady run in the morning, and then in the afternoon we practiced T1 and T2. Transition is an intimating part of a triathlon for any newby, and if shorter races, exspecially in draft legal, it can make a HUGE impact on the end result!


Oh and I had the great idea to make them do push ups to start each set, just to simulate the swim!


On day 3, me Brian and Joyette went to Camiguin Island!

On day 4, we practice open water swiming, mostly the swim entry, round the bouy and exits at green water beach!



Here I am with coke and rice! Great fulled forthe ride back home after the swim!


And then on day 5 the kids had a little road race while me and Joyette did a track session and a swim at the sports complex!

Anyway, the goal of the social program, is not only to have an un-privillieged athlete become a “contender” like Rei Colucci, but more importantly to give them oppertunities to see the world, challenge themselfs or like Brian, give them a “real” job that will make him meet interesting people!

I can vouch, that these kids dont go out on weekend nights, because they know, that Sunday morning is the best time to ride their bikes. They know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, fair play and hard work.

In the Philippines, there over 7 thousand islands, so teaching a Philippino to swim, might safe their life one day!

In the Philippines, you can ride your bike 12 months of the year, if theres more people who ride bikes, then there will be less polution, it will cost these poor people less money to commute!

In the Philippines, theres a current running craze! Running races every weekend! Because people know, how important exercise is not just for the body, but for the mind! For balance and lifestyle, and of course its cheap and easiest of the 3 sports to practice!

Salamat Al!
Keep up the galing work!

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