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Introducing Pedro Quatro! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Introducing Pedro Quatro!

Hey heres a blog about my new ride, Cervelo P4, aka Pedro Quatro =)

-Size 56
-Token C50 wheel set
-Ultegra group Set
-Ultegra peddals
-Mistral 3T bars
-ISM Road saddle


I will be racing with clinchers this year! I dont feel very confident ridding technical courses or on the wet roads in tubulars and I would be very nervous if I ever have to change a flat in a race!

The clinchers allow me a much bigger range for tires, and I dont need any valve extenders which have been a real pain in the ass. I also have experience an changed over 100 flats on clinchers and those flats are soooo much less expensive than a tubular, yes I am a cheapskate ;)

It was love at first sight between me and Pedro, with some intimate time right away ;) But Joyette understands, she knows its part of what I do, ride and spend long hourse with Pedro!


I got a little creative here, especially in the 2010 model comes with a detachable intergrated bottle, and theres 3 screws to play with! I was able to get a water bottle cage and portable pump hooked up! I am still in the process of getting my speedfill downthere, whats that saying?

“Imagination is the living power and prime agent of all human perception”


The back view, with my “license plate” from road I.D. that was given to me for my birthday by my Joyette! I also cramed a couple inner tubes and 2 tire levers under my ISM saddle!


Here my cockpit, my 3T bars are narrow enuff to hold a water bottle and with the help of 2 generic hair elastics I stole from Joyette, the water bottle stays in place a even keeps my hands cool!

I really like my 3T mistral bars because I can have very narrow bars, but also have widder bars pads, with is very good for me because since I broke my collar bone and still have titanium in there, I cant go all that narrow..


Heres a random picture, me an Joyette own 7 helmets in between the 2 of us!
-3 Aero (Louis Garneau/Rudy Project/Giro)
-5 Road (Louis Garneau/2 Rudy Project/Specialized/Met)


Anyway, I am very lucky and gratefull to have gotten all this awsome gear for free thanx to my sponsors and Alex! It goes a long way in my developement and that at the top end of our sport, the gear starts to matter that little much more!

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