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Matty in the city, now ready for the Alpes! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Matty in the city, now ready for the Alpes!

Hey I now spent the last 6 weeks living in Manila, which is 6 weeks more than I wanted to stay here, but because of circumstance, appointements and finances, this 6 weeks was a wise but difficult sacrifice.


I dont like the city, and being from Canada, I love open spaces. Heres not the case…

THe majority of my swimming was done at the pool at the bottom of the appartement building. The rest of the time, me and Joyette would go for a “thrilla on EDSA” to some of the local 50m pools. Some of which, are closed, or just opened. Systematicaly, all the puplic pools in the city are closed on monday for cleaning…Those that mean they dont clean on a daily basis?

So this is the pool I did most of my swimming in, its got a funny shape, but if I swim it the right angle, I can get about 27m or so Im guessing anyway.


I had to be very carefull about when I go to the pool, because even one other person in the pool can make my session well, irritating…Add in a few more and its a nightmare..But luckly Philippinos are very predictable, so I had the pool to myself when I did go! Thank you sun!!!

The pool even has a little water fall!


I had to nail my flip turns on a very ackward surface, it was very slippery and kinda oval shapped! Close to the bridge where I often had spectators!


Most of my cycling is done at the Mall of Asia where a suprising amount of locals ride up and down a 1.8km strech of road on a daily basis very early in the morning! So me and Joyette where pretty lucky, we could ride to the “loop” and then ride away from there, back and fort over and over!

On a good day, pushing a big gear, I can go from start to finish on about 2 minutes and change! Theres often, well every day large groups ridding, but you know, white rice power dont allow them to ride very fast or for very long, so I would blow by them pretty swiftly!

As you can imagine, I stand out quite a bit when I ride there, especilly while ridding Pedro Quatro. So that gave me an invisible X on my butt.

At first, the free wheelers would annoy me, but after a while I got immude to it, unless they made a sad attempt to overtake me or come beside me to try to chat me up. At that point, I was very un-friendly and vulgar if they would start to be foolish.

The other bit of my cycling was done on the indoor trainer. YAWWWN!

Running was done mostly on the track at the Rizal memorial center and at fitness first at MOA. My run did benefit from that, I know.

I also spent a bit to get Pedro Quatro ready for the Alpes, because I am not a great bike handler and will hopefully be jumping into some draft legal races, sooner than later…


I also got myself some nice new brakes that are specially made for wet weather, because well, if you ever ridden a P4, you would understand! Better be safer than less in the mountains…


So in 24 hours, I will be heading to the airport with my life packed in 20 kilos and make a return to the first world. Its been a while…I remember when I was a kid in school, my one teacher use to tell us, that Canada was the second best country in the world, and that Switzerland was the first!

She also told us, that USSR aka Russia had just split into a dozen countries and that Haitie was the poorest country in the world…

Im very exited to join Doc and my teamates, well they are a but more than just teamates, there my cooworkers and peers. They people who share the same passion and simular objectives as me, regardless of what country we hale from.

Every time I go to camp, I learn new things, about people, life, myself, ect. Things that I would have never ever learned in a class room. Thats a guaranty.

I will miss the Philippines, I will my little girl friend Joyette, I will miss the tropical fruits, I will miss being called SIR and all the smilles and I will even miss all the attention I get from the badings. AHAHAHA HELL NO!

Attention la Suisse, Mathieu arrive bientot!!

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