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Livin’ Swiss! « Mathieu O'Halloran's Blog


Livin’ Swiss!

Hey I have been here in Leysin for 1 week now and its gone by so freaking fast as I have been having a great time training, eating great food and catching up with my teamates!

A typical Swiss morning start with a cup of coffee with Scotty and a baggette!


This is a pic from outside our appartement, can you guess which one we are? Im not sure which flag I should put up there? Canadian flag? Quebec flag? Or Philippines flag?


The great thing about this little mountain top village, is that the swim pool is about in the middle so its a close walk from everywhere! Its about 4-5 min walk from our place so me, Scotty and James walk together!

James doesn’t only run fast, he walks fast as well!


Another great thing about Switzerland is all the water fountains everywhere flowing with cold fresh mountain water =)


After our swim, and more coffee and bagettes, we meet at the Subaru garage before starting our descent!


WARNING about this ole man around the hill, hes a DANGER to all cyclist!


This is a cool shot I got out of our balcony, its a helicopter hauling a little Swiss chalet!


Scotty is getting ready to fly to Nice for Ironman France next sunday! Hes been in great spirits and fitter than ever!


This is a very ugly site, I know some tri geeks are going to cringe from this traumatic and graphic photo, but atleast James walk away only with a few bumps and scratches…Thank godness for the vignette =)

Whats that saying, shaken but not stirred!


Anyway, from all the exitement in this new week, I got a little sick and been feeling pretty cold very often because well, I have been living in Asia for a while! The swimming as been challenging because of the altitude and I have to get used to those things called warm ups and warm downs.

I dont practice those on my own…We must be doing these because of the cooler weather and to sneak in extra miles!

The ridding has been spectacular, I love ridding in Europe, well not when its cold and wet, but the rest of the time, the terrain is souper challenging and theres always other cyclist on the road :) THe roads a pretty smooth and I dont have to have to buy water EVER!!

The run, we have been doing quite a bit of intensity, which will do me good, down the road, thats for sure! Im the slowest runner of my group, which means I dont have anything to lose and all to gain! I have some very experienced and sucessfull training mates who keep me in my place ;)

Heres a pretty Swiss sunset!


Oh and of course, I miss my little Joyette soooooo MUCH and I even mist her birth day…

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